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Apply To host your Event

with Twin Cities Collective

For the last 7 years, we've hosted many different types of events (parties, awards, workshops, fitness events, meetups, speed friending, coworking days and much more)

This year we are passing the baton and allowing more local individuals to create amazing event ideas that we will partner alongside to help organize & promote!

What We Will Be in Charge Of

This is a 50/50 endeavor, where we will be in charge of consulting on ideas, venues & resources for the event as well as marketing it to our audience. We will have a ton of resources & connections as well as experience to help & guide but will take a hands off approach for the event itself.

What you will be in charge of

Those applying will be executing the event, including all the expenses, location, day of prep and overall execution.

What this costs

This is a service based on profit, so 50% of the profits will go to each party (TCC and those applying).

Expenses will be taken out of the total revenue and then each will take 50% of the profits.

How this works

If this is something you are interested in applying for

& have a great idea that our local audience would be interested in attending,

please fill out the application below. Events we would prefer have a minimum of 20 people and a max of 100.

We will follow up and go from there, with our consultation & overall planning session with the marketing process and contracts set.

Selection Process

Those whose event we believe would be a good fit & a potential for a large audience will be selected.

If you are not selected, we will give feedback and allow you to reapply with changes for a future date. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions