Join us on on the evening June 27th at 6pm at Brick X Mortar

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Struggling to make friends in Minnesota? Look no further

Our 'Let's Be Friends' events provide a welcoming community and a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, helping you forge new friendships and alleviate the sense of isolation in Minnesota.

Seeing people having friends through instagram and wishing you could find some good solid people in your life.....

Are you struggling to find deep & meaningful friendships in the Twin Cities? You are NOT alone!

We've had many, many people comment on our social media, sharing there stories of isolation and struggles to make friends locally

We've realized that this is a MAJOR PROBLEM in the Twin Cities and beyond and we want to do something about it!
That's why in 2022 Let's Be Friends was born

We realized that so many local networking events were focused just on business and not on creating deeper friendships.

When really many of us just want to connect and find people who also want to make friends

And can you believe it-some people ended up becoming Best Friends after our first event! It REALLY can work!

My name is Jenna and I'm passionate about building a local community in the Twin Cities

Even though I grew up here, I felt like I struggled to find friends my whole life. In fact, it wasn't until I was in my twenties that I actually found real friends (yes, I'm not one of the many natives who only have friends from growing up-in fact I'm not in touch with many anymore)

The Minnesota culture (influenced by Scandanvians) with the concept of janteloven can make reaching out a struggle.

In fact the entire reason Twin Cities Collective was STARTED 7 years ago was because I saw a lack of community.

I kept meeting really cool people, but none of them knew each other and I wanted a way to share my new friendships.

So Let's Be Friends is a true mission to help end the loneliness and isolation many feel here by providing a safe space to network and meet new people, who also feel the same way!

Let's Be Friends


Our fourth event, Let's Be Friends is an evening of coming together to meet new people and connect. This time at the beautiful Brick X Mortar Rooftop!

• Let's Be Friends Mixer Event

• Connect with local people

• Enjoy a rooftop evening at Brick X Mortar

• Have a fun night (swag bags, food & drinks included)

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Take a night off Netflix and step outside your comfort zone!


Is this event outside?

Yes this event will be outside so dress for the weather. If the weather isn't good it will be inside in the main area.

Where do I park?

There is metered street parking but we recommend parking in Ramp C. Detailed parking instructions will be sent to attendees.

Will there be food

Yes food and drinks will be provided

Can I bring a friend?

They will need to become a member of the annual plan as well to attend this event

We hope to see you there!

Brick x mortar

June 27



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